Monsters Wanted Trailer

MWIconIn early 2011, Rich Teachout quit his lucrative job to focus on creating a one-of-a-kind haunted attraction. He and his partner Janel dedicated every moment, ounce of energy, and dollar to making their “Scream Park” a reality.  Check out the trailer for our premiere documentary, and visit the official site for more information!


Overtime Explained

ThoughtFly Films’ feature debut “Overtime” seems to defy explanation. Nevertheless, here are some of our cast and crew to try and give you a taste of what the movie has in store.

For more information, check out the movie’s official site.


Y-Box 720 Commercial

The commercial for the upcoming “Y-Box” gaming system, produced by ThoughtFly Films for use in the upcoming movie Overtime, is now available to watch online!

So if you like looking at gorgeous girls doing gorgeous things, this one is for you.


Overtime Trailer

What do you get when you mix together hit men, zombie-aliens, chocolate cake and a nine-year-old’s birthday party?  Well, “Overtime” of course. The movie stars Al Snow, John Wells and Sebrina Siegel and is ThoughtFly Films’ feature debut. Check out the trailer, and visit the official site for more information!